Its often surprising when people find out that Vinyl Hearts hails from Nashville, TN.  With their own striking blend of modern, vintage, and pop, they are helping lead the charge in the ever-growing and oft-overlooked rock scene of Music City, USA. Vinyl Hearts carries an array of influences, varying from the soaring grandeur of U2 to the quirky twists of David Bowie, to more current comparisons with Florence + The Machine, Foster The People, and Passion Pit.  

     While Vinyl Hearts eponymous debut album received much attention largely thanks to a high-profile use of their second single, "Let's Go" in the Muppets Movie trailer, their new album "Spark" might show even more promise yet.  Leading a parade of memorable hooks, larger than life melodies, and driving beats, it is everything a sophomore effort should be.  From the epicly anthemic title track to the angular, bleeding edge of sure-to-be-underground-hit-song, "Connected", "Spark" gives a shimmering glimpse of what is sure to be Vinyl Hearts' bright bright future.